Obama’s #SOTU – HE IS A LIAR and what is worse he expects people to believe it which since the mainstream media refuses to call him on his lies many drink the Cool-Aid.

I won’t go into all of his lies but the biggest lie is that he said we have stopped, controlled or put #ISIL on the defensive. COMPLETE LIE.  They continue to gain ground under his failed policy (which isn’t even a policy),.  Hundreds of thousands of Christians and moderate Muslims have been slaughtered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Africa for failing to submit to Sharia and convert to Islam and live under Sharia – ALL on his watch.  Those deaths are his fault – plain and simple.

And for every 1,000 people we kill each month they have replaced with 1,500 each month.  They are winning the war against us because he refuses to understand it is a war that they are not giving up especially as we “End our Combat missions and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan”.  All to appease his political backers and promises he made no matter it is making our country more vulnerable. And he can’t make up his mind as we are now sending 2,000 troops back to Iraq, which is not enough to make a difference and in direct contradiction to his statements we have ended the wars.

Former and current Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs have said his policy is not working and without boots on the ground will not work.  The current said it on background because he knows he’d just be pushed out if he publicly contradicted the President’s lies.  He pulled our troops out of Iraq and ISIL has taken large portions of he county and all of our gains and the lives lost are wasted thanks to his failed policy.  He failed to do anything when Syria crossed the “red line” he laid down about using chemical weapons which showed the terrorists he won’t do what he threatens and showed our allies he is not committed to stopping the #ISIL goal of setting up Sharia law and killing anyone who won’t convert and weakened any commitment from them because he has his head up his ass or buried in the sand like an ostrich.  And they have successfully taken over most of Syria, large portions of Iraq and will now take over Afghanistan.  They control between those three countries more land than either of the countries are in size individually.  They are well on their way of setting up their Caliphate including their control of many countries in Africa.

Those who don’t lean from the past are doomed to repeat it. After the CIA successfully helped the Northern Alliance to repel Russia who pulled out of their attempted annexation of Afghanistan and they pulled out in 1980, we made the mistake of pulling out and leaving the country to be taken over by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda who set up training camps for terrorists who 11 years later killed 3,000 Americans in 9-11.  Our leaving Iraq has shown the same thing happening and Afghanistan is following suit as we pull out and Al-Qaeda is taking back large portion of land land many of our soldiers died for.

Additionally not only is his choice to ignore current immigration laws enacted by Congress which he is sworn to enforce as part of his Duty as President is not only a reason for impeachment, but should be considered Treason.  And his decision to reward millions of criminals, illegal aliens, (a word which he has dictated that would not be used by anyone in his administration from when he took office) with legal status is also illegal and should be considered Treason.  For a “Constitutional Scholar” he does not seem to understand the basic premise of a divided government.  Only Congress can create laws, The Executive Branch i.e. the President’s duty is to enforce those laws and the Judiciary is to decide if laws are Constitutional. 

The case is clear that the left wants to give the millions of criminal illegal aliens, legal status and then citizenship allowing them to vote which would take our country from a two party (multi-party) system which is between a 51/49% or 52/48% voting and election decision fluctuating between the Democrats and Republicans depending on the election year, to a single party controlling the local and national elections which will never be able to be undone and permanently change us from to multi party Representative Republic to a single party controlled Socialist state (their ultimately goal). And by giving the 6-20 million illegal aliens (depending on which polls you believe) legal status, it would allow them to bring their family members making that number increase at least three to for times adding up to 100 million new voters all beholding to the Democrats/Socialists.

Who in their right mind thinks that making these criminals (and if they came here without a green card, crossed the border illegally THEY ARE BY DEFINITION CRIMINALS) will follow the laws once they are here.  And if they break the law to get in the country why would anyone with any sense think they will follow the laws once they are here.  Most are either working under the table and not paying taxes or are using stolen Social Security numbers if working for companies and paying taxes since they couldn’t have a Social Security number of their own if they are here illegally.  So they not only broke the law to get here but are continuing their criminal behavior by the activity of the previous sentence.

Not only Obama promising legal status to millions, but allowing even current illegals (at least in CA) the right to qualify for scholarships and federal student loans, it takes away those scholarships and grants (our taxpayer money) from US citizens and LEGAL aliens.  And I am in complete support of anyone who waits in line and follows our immigration policy and is here legally.  So no one should think I am a RACIST or against ANY RACE, COLOR, CREED OR NATIONALITY provided they follow the laws.  I am only against people who break the law i.e. illegal aliens. 

And by promising FREE COLLEGE to people illegal or not it is the first step to promising FREE HOMES to everyone.  And where does this FREE money come from?  The people who work and invest and EARN THEIR MONEY.  They should be allowed to keep the money they earn, not have it taken away in the form of HIGHER TAXES and given to people who don’t work. 

This is long enough already so I won’t go on but OBAMA IS A LIAR AND A SOCIALIST

About Julian Caine

Julian Caine Independent film producer, C.O.O. of Tritan-Northstar Entertainment. Mr. Caine is involved in securing financing and in structuring financial models for the production company's upcoming slate. Mr. Caine's background includes more than ten years in core television and movie making capacities, including roles in finance, accounting, distribution, and production at major studios such as MGM, Universal Pictures, Castle Rock and Spelling Entertainment. Mr. Caine's rich experience in the entertainment industry has endowed him with the knowledge to structure and create independent productions with exceptional creative value and profit potential. Mr. Caine produced The Eliminator, starring Michael Rooker. He served as consulting producer on Tritan-Northstar Entertainment's 2008 award winning feature film Contract Killers, starring Nick Mancuso. Contract Killers earned several film festival awards and was picked up by First Look Studios for a USA domestic release. Julian Caine and Tritan-Northstar Entertainment are currently in development and preproduction on a multi-picture slate.
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