America’s Weak Response

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Not only did Secretary of State John Kerry go to Paris to give “hugs,” he brought along folk singer James Taylor to sing “You’ve Got a Friend.”  Is this what our foreign policy has become?

Taylor performed the song in a show of solidarity with the French people, after the Obama administration embarrassingly failed to show up to Paris’ rally against terrorism over the weekend.  Sometimes it’s not enough to say (or sing) about friendship and you need to prove it by taking action.  This is what the Obama administration fails to realize; empty words only go so far, particularly when faced with a real enemy.

And enemies throughout the world are quickly spreading. 

Dozens have been arrested across Europe from France, Germany and Belgium in connection with radical Islamic terrorists.  This latest wave of counterterrorism operations shows just how pervasive and complicated this enemy is for us and our friends around the globe. 

There are reports now that al Qaeda and ISIS may be joining forces.  While the two have been at odds in the civil war in Syria, The Daily Beast reports the following: “In recent weeks there have been signs of a mood shift between the rival jihadist amid efforts to broker a rapprochement championed by some al Qaeda veterans linked to AQAP. And there has been evidence of increasing operational collaboration in Syria with recruiters and people smugglers working for both groups at the same time.”

Whether or not this turns out to be the case, the point is that these powerful Islamic terrorist organizations are only growing in terms of their power and momentum. 

The latest reports show that the territory controlled by ISIS is growing, demonstrating that our airstrikes in the region were predictably not enough to “defeat and destroy” them, as President Obama promised.  American military officials say that their goal is to focus on Iraq, recognizing that ground forces would be necessary in order to properly defeat the enemy in Syria.  But where are many of these European terrorists, like those arrested today, going to train?  Syria.

ISIS has recently hacked into our military’s websites and social media, threatening our soldiers.

Additionally, consider the brutal carnage suffered by those in Nigeria at the hands of Boko Haram.  These Islamic terrorists have destroyed entire towns, and have reportedly forced child suicide bombers to commit attacks of terrorism.

What is it going to take for the United States to open its eyes to the terror that is befalling the world?  And yet the Obama administration’s response is …

– Refusing to call the enemy for what it is: radical Islamic terrorism

– Skipping out on a global show of solidarity against terrorism

– Sending John Kerry to give hugs and sing songs to those who have recently been victimized by these terrorists

– Emptying Guantanamo Bay of more terrorists from the very nation that fostered the recent attacks in Paris

It’s no wonder that the share of Americans who say Obama’s foreign policy is “not tough enough” has risen sharply.  According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, 55% of Americans believe Obama isn’t tough enough on foreign policy, which is up from 41% in 2012.

A recent Fox News poll finds that 60% of Americans feel the Obama administration has mostly failed to improve America’s image around the world.

It may take a long time before the world takes America seriously again on foreign affairs.  Our failure to live up to Obama’s Syrian red line, our failure to adequately deter Russia’s annexation of Crimea, our failure to thwart the rise of ISIS and the recent embarrassment in the handling of the terrorist attack in Paris – these are just some of the examples of Obama’s failures on foreign policy.

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