RE: A Terrorist Attack On U.S. Soil May Be Imminent And It’s Your Duty To Prevent It!

A recent Texas Department of Public Safety bulletin indicates that terrorist groups are already planning to “carry out an attack on the border.” ABC News reports that immigration officials have lost track of approximately 6,000 foreign nationals who have overstayed their student visas. Our own government is acknowledging that American citizens and European nationals are suspected of fighting for ISIS, and there is presently no legal authority to automatically prevent any of these individuals from entering the United States.

Make no mistake, the occurrences mentioned above are the direct result of the ongoing refusal of politicians in Washington to do what a majority of the American people have demanded for years, namely, securing the border and enforcing our existing immigration laws. The fault is yours, and now that what was once an immigration issue has morphed into a national security issue, it’s time for politicians in Washington to cast aside their pipe-dreams of open borders and amnesty-for-all and get serious when it comes to protecting American lives.

Our borders must be secured, TODAY. Those who have overstayed their visas must be located and held accountable, IMMEDIATELY; and those who are suspected of having connections to terrorist organizations, whether they are American citizens or foreign nationals with valid passports, must be DENIED entry into the United States.

Time is short, but do not insult the intelligence of the American people by saying that such measures can’t be implemented immediately. Far too many of you have shown the American people, on far too many occasions, that you’re ready, willing and able to railroad legislation through Congress in the dark of night when it serves the purposes of special interests. It’s time for you to take that same sense of urgency and enact measures that will help to protect and preserve American lives.

Now is not the time for talk. Now is the time for action. On September 10, 2001, no one knew a terrorist attack was coming. Today, we know we are increasingly vulnerable to such an attack. It is time for Congress to act!


About Julian Caine

Julian Caine Independent film producer, C.O.O. of Tritan-Northstar Entertainment. Mr. Caine is involved in securing financing and in structuring financial models for the production company's upcoming slate. Mr. Caine's background includes more than ten years in core television and movie making capacities, including roles in finance, accounting, distribution, and production at major studios such as MGM, Universal Pictures, Castle Rock and Spelling Entertainment. Mr. Caine's rich experience in the entertainment industry has endowed him with the knowledge to structure and create independent productions with exceptional creative value and profit potential. Mr. Caine produced The Eliminator, starring Michael Rooker. He served as consulting producer on Tritan-Northstar Entertainment's 2008 award winning feature film Contract Killers, starring Nick Mancuso. Contract Killers earned several film festival awards and was picked up by First Look Studios for a USA domestic release. Julian Caine and Tritan-Northstar Entertainment are currently in development and preproduction on a multi-picture slate to begin releasing next year.
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