FEMA’s Plan to Starve Millions… [LEAKED]

Dear Patriot,
This will be short and to the point…
You need to see this and I want to get you this
information as fast as possible:

==>Sickening Truth Here
FEMA is demanding 24-hour delivery of MASSIVE amounts
of survival food meals.
They are covertly contacting multiple food suppliers and
as a result survival food is in short supply or completely
sold out across the country.
Why would they do this? What does FEMA know
that we don’t?

My friend Frank Bates and his partner Matt were one of
the suppliers FEMA contacted. But Frank isn’t gonna play
ball with FEMA…
He’s blowing the whistle on FEMA’s “dirty little secret” and
exposing the shocking proof in his new video:

It may be the most important video that you watch all year.
>> Click Here For FEMA’s “Dirty Little Secret” (video)
Yours in Liberty,
Oli Fischer
P.S. This story is going viral on Facebook and just got picked
up by Alex Jones. FEMA probably hates this. I’m not sure how
long the video is going to stay online.
So go watch it now before its banned

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