Can You Defend Yourself Against A Threat?

In lieu of the massive increase in home invasion robberies and last week LA saw a home invasion of two homes side by side by multiple robbers, tying up and injuring 2 families.  By the time the police arrived in force with the SWAT team, the home invasion robbers were long gone and still at large.  This proves my repeated postings showing that in case of an emergency the POLICE will not help you.  They only show up AFTER a crime has been committed in order to investigate.  Hopefully you survived the attack and are able  to give a statement).  YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED TO PROTECT YOURSELF.  And California’s attempt to pass a series of laws that would take many of our legally owned weapons away from us and require a gun be in a locked box or safe even if you are at home.  I doubt the home invaders would wait while your retrieve your gun.  I have a RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.  And if I am in the safety of my own home I should be able to wear my gun, keep it in my night stand or under my pillow or any where I can access it if someone or multiple people kick in my door in the middle of the night.  I will also not put my legally owned guns on a list so that they can come and take them when they decide it is in THEIR best interest.  I urge all 2nd Amendment advocates to make their voices heard on the pending UNCONSTITUTIONAL restrictions on our 2nd Amendment rights by the California legislature including making items we already own illegal and must turn them over (magazines etc.).  I believe due process and other protections are  their that maintains the government can not just confiscate your property.  And if you choose not to turn over the property you are committing a felony.  And everyone including the CA Senator admits none of these restrictions would prevent any of the recent mass shootings.  I would rather move out of the state and am making plans to do so. And I urge 2nd Amendment advocates to move from California EN MASSE.  Let them see how the state economy shrinks when millions of gun owners move to states where they protect our rights.  Perhaps they will reconsider after a few years.  After all businesses have been leaving the state CONSISTENTLY for years due to the over-taxation.  Please read the following article.

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Many people prefer to solve their differences peacefully, and they usually rely on law enforcement to fight their battles for them. Only a few know how to really defend themselves against a threat, and there is a day that is fast approaching when all of us will need to take matters in to our own hands if necessary. What would happen if you were the victim of a violent attack and couldn’t get help? What would happen if intruders entered your home to try and steal your resources and you were powerless to do anything about it? Knowing a few basic defense steps as well as how to use a weapon can make all of the difference in terms of keeping you and your family safe and secure.

As economic and social uncertainty become more and more pronounced, people are becoming desperate. Incidents of violent crime are on the increase, and theft is something that more and more people are dealing with. As problems continue to get worse, and as people on the fringes of society become more aggressive, all of us are in greater danger. Sadly, just as the need for weapons for defense has never been greater, there are more restrictions on and attempts being made on eliminating guns. The government is trying hard to use a couple of violent incidents to keep firearms out of the hands and homes of law-abiding citizens.
Everyone should have a weapon and know how to use it in an emergency. Whether a gun, knife or Taser, you need something. The idea of negotiating your way out of a problem is not as popular or as realistic as it was once before, especially when you are faced with an individual or group of individuals who are desperate and will stop at nothing at taking what you have for themselves. In the event that a serious catastrophe, disaster or economic collapse hits this country, and we will experience something soon, you need to rely on your own skills and ability to defend yourself because no one else will be able to fight on your behalf in most cases.
It is easy to get training, whether in basic self-defense or martial arts courses, and you can still get a legally authorized gun and learn how to use it. Don’t take your security for granted, and accept the fact that the only thing that will stand in your way against a life threatening intrusion or attack may be you ability to handle a weapon or fight back. We are already seeing a reduction in police services, and law enforcement personnel are getting more aggressive and less willing to help innocent victims. In fact, many victims are often seen by the police as the criminals.
You cannot trust the police, military or the government to help you, and this is especially true in a crisis situation when society is in turmoil. We are fast approaching a time in our history when we will all have limited resources, and we may have to fight in order to keep them in our possession. Whether someone is attacking you on the street or entering your property with the intent to leave with something valuable at all costs, you have the right and the responsibility to take care of yourself and your family.
Training takes a little bit of time, and you will need practice in order to develop the defense skills that can help you to have a fighting chance against an unwanted attack or advance. Waiting until society devolves into chaos is not the right time to start thinking about how you will defend yourself. Invest in a course, have a friend teach you how to fight or go to a gun range and have experienced marksmen teach you how to shoot accurately. You need to be ready to take matters in your own hands, and the scene is being set for a difficult road ahead in terms of living in a violent and dangerous society.
You owe it to you, your family and your future to learn how to fight back and protect what you value and love. If you are investing a lot of time, money and energy in obtaining equipment, supplies and information on how to surviving during the upcoming dark and difficult days, then you need to spend some time focusing on how you will defend yourself as well. You want to make sure that your interests are protected, and not becoming a victim of crime or aggressive action is part of survival. Don’t neglect this important part of survival training, and see to it that you are at least minimally prepared to mount a strong defense against an unwanted incident that can otherwise have disastrous consequences for you and your family.

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