Zimmerman, Race, Stand Your Ground, Free Speech, Ignorant Criminals Taking advantage


CONGRATULATIONS on the jury for getting the CASE right according to the LAW.  They had no choice if they believed it was  Martin who through the first punch and Zimmerman who screamed for help to assume he was not THE AGGRESSOR (which was their finding along with race not being a component according to the only juror who gave and interview)and they had no choice according to the Stand your Ground law.  @AnnCoulter got it right.  So did @JudgeNap when he said you can’t try him again according to double jeopardy and there is not enough or any evidence (according to the aforementioned juror) that RACE had anything to do with the killing and even the DOJ has said it probably can not bring Federal charges against him.   

So do I think that Zimmerman is a good man, I have no clue.  Did he do the right thing.  At first NO. When the police said he should not get out of the car – he shouldn’t have, but that doesn’t make him guilty.  However do I believe he thought his live was in danger and had a right to use deadly force to protect himself – ABSOLUTELY.  However this case is a different than most STAND YOUR GROUND CASES.  In most cases where the law is in effect every year THOUSANDS of people legally use deadly force to protect their lives and lives of their loved ones from people who are trying to take them.  And too often we see incident after incident of husbands killing their wives and children and usually themselves AFTER being served with a restraining order.  Why because the police won’t do anything until AFTER AN INCIDENT HAPPENS.  How many of those wives and children lives could have been saved if the women had been armed and new how to use the weapon?   We will never know, but my following three posts show when properly OWNED AND USED a gun saved the lives of people in that and other situations where their lives were threatened.

There will be an all out assault on these laws but by looking at the statistics proves there  are less crimes in  areas where you have Concealed Carry and Stand Your Ground laws.  Look up the Federal statistics by state for the latest year and it proves those states DO HAVE LOWER CRIME STATS BECAUSE YOU ARE LESS LIKELY TO BE APPROACHED BY A ROBBER OR RAPIST IF THEY KNOW YOU MAY HAVE A WAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF.  And those states with the toughest gun control laws and the city of Chicago specifically (and DC) has the highest murder rate in the nation proving gun laws don’t work.  Prosecuting people for crimes on the books and making people serve complete sentences and not released early to go back and do the same thing obviously doesn’t work because again we can see by the statistics that Recidivism rates are very high.  They get out and just commit more crimes. 

Being a relatively recently disabled person who has been attacked twice because I look like an easy victim (because I am in a wheelchair) was prepared to use deadly force because my life was threatened.  In my state I would have been prosecuted as a criminal for defending myself because I was not in my home when attacked sine CA has the Castle Doctrine not Stand Your Ground.  That is wrong.  Luckily being a martial artist and also producing a weapon (not a gun since even though I can legally carry in over 30 states my own won’t allow me a CCW) the attacker took off in the other direction after jumping back in their car after nearly running me over.  People need to do whatever is necessary to protect their life, liberty and freedom from criminals on the street or the criminals in our Congress who are trying to take away our guns and our rights to protect ourselves and enjoy Life Liberty and Freedom even though many of them have concealed carry permits themselves.  Even the biggest hypocrite and gun ban proponent Nancy Pelosi had a concealed carry permit until it became public and she gave it up because it showed what a hypocrite she was.  They should not be hypocrites and the only ones who can protect themselves.  And look it up many of Congress have been convicted of crimes or breaking Congressional rules which is the same as breaking the law.


They jury didn’t think this was about race and neither do I.  However we were not in the jury room or in the court so we don’t know their discussions.  And we certainly do not know what was in Zimmerman’s mind.  However people only need to look at the crime rates and race to see who commits the most violent crimes.  Most Gangs are Latino and Black and they are statistically the biggest portion of those in jail and those arrested and are committing most violent crimes.  Of course you have the tragedies in Columbine and Newtown but they are rare compared to the numbers of people killed every day by gangs and drug dealers.  Less than 1/10 of 1% of crimes are committed with so called assault rifles and only 1% are with any type of rifle according to the latest FBI crime statistics.  So this current GUN GRAB by the Fed and States goes contrary to all their own statistics.  They also would have done nothing to stop either of the aforementioned tragedies.  

However none of that is an excuse for becoming a gang banger, drug dealer or criminal of any kind.  There are plenty of people who get out of those same neighborhoods by staying  in school working hard getting good grades and scholarships and lifting themselves out.  It is no one’s responsibility to give you anything in this world you must work for it and earn it yourself.  It is just how you decide to work and earn that makes the difference.  It is the ones that think it’s too easy to drop out of school and sell drugs and bang to make quick money buy fancy cars and bling and have what they perceive as RESPECT but is really just FEAR than it is to study hard get good grades and go to college.  Without a college degree and even now but more in the future you need advanced degrees to get a good paying job.  That takes hard work for years of college.  Not as easy as dropping out selling drugs and making what seems to be a good living at that age.  But that lifestyle certainly lessens your life span as oppose to the former.  And these kids are only going to end up DEAD OR IN JAIL.  You don’t see old living gang bangers.  And EDUCATION is the key.  Keeping them in school is the key.  And it ALL IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENTS.  If your kids are your responsibility then they choose to drop out and you let them make those decisions and go out and banging is solely the parents LACK OF PARENTING.  And what happens to their kids – jail or dead is on their hands for not keeping better control of their kids and NOT BEING BETTER PARENTS and making them stay straight.  So don’t blame the system, it starts with the parents.  Some of it is economic and they grow up poor in bad neighborhoods and we should do something to help them and divert some of the money sent to our supposed “ALLIES” LIKE EGYPT and use to build up education and our clean up our inner cities.   And we need families with both parents.  There are too many children being raised by single moms and we must hold these fathers accountable and restore the family and teach these derelict fathers that by being absentee they are not being what should be considered a real MAN.  REAL MEN DON’T ABANDON THEIR KIDS.  AND IF THEY DO THEY NEED TO BE LOCKED UP IF THEY DON’T AT LEAST PAY CHILD SUPPORT.


Bottom line EVERYONE regardless of race, color, creed or nationality should have the right of SELF DEFENSE against anyone who they believe is in intent on killing, causing great bodily harm or sexual assault.  They should have the right to use WHATEVER FORCE is necessary to STOP the attack even if that means using DEADLY FORCE.  It doesn’t mean once the attack is stopped and can’t continue (the attacker can get back up and continue the attack) to then use deadly force.  If the attacker is injured and can’t continue you don’t have the right to “finish them off”!  Most states have this as either a defense or Immunity from prosecution.  As mentioned earlier when I was attacked, if I had killed the attacker (because I felt my life was in danger) I could be prosecuted since California only allows you to protect yourself in your home.  This is ridiculous and again, look up the statistics, read the laws – not  the summaries or what people tell you – read the actual statutes on the states sites.  Educate yourself. 


I understand people are upset mostly because they believe this was racially motivated.  I disagree but I fully support their 1st Amendment right to protest and speak out.  And the thousands of people around the nation who have done that legally have my full support.  But that Free Speech as all our rights come with responsibility.  You still must obey the law and as I said MOST of the people nationwide did so although blocking traffic on freeways and in the streets is NOT part of your rights.  That crosses the line and becomes a public safety issue and nuisance to the community as a whole.  And it turns people off to the issues you are trying to speak out against and turns them against you.  It is counter productive.


Here in Los Angeles and in other cities where thousands protested LEGALLY within their constitutionally protected rights, hundreds of these protestors became CRIMINALS.  THEY were not legally protesting anything.  These CRIMINALS took advantage of the situation to go on a rampage.  They beat innocent people on the streets of Hollywood and elsewhere, robbed them, smashed in store windows, robbed those stores, stopped traffic, smashed in car windows and attacked drivers.  This had nothing to do with any Constitutionally protected right to free speech or assembly.  It was a bunch of unruly punk kids and gang members who were simply committing criminal acts.  The fact LAPD only arrested a small portion of people and let so much go without protecting the people who needed it made no sense to me.  Then they make a statement that they will get tough the next night.  Why did they let so many criminals act out without doing anything – they didn’t answer that.

Like during the Rodney King riots a small portion (a couple hundred this time in LA) people take what could have been a peaceful protest and a way to begin a national dialogue and turned it into just a giant criminal act.  It’s a pity that a few CRIMINALS bring such a bad look to what could have been a reasonable LEGAL  protest and expression of their 1st Amendment Rights.

And again I think it goes to education.  This splinter group of criminals are too IGNORANT to understand or even research the laws that let the man go which was the only decision the jury could come to given their interpretation of the evidence.  And they don’t respect any law when they commit assaults, robbery, B&E, mayhem, and all the other crimes they committed.  So again they take away the awareness of what the LARGE MAJORITY OF PROTESTORS were trying to do. – IF THAT ISN’T IGNORANCE I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!  And again this isn’t about race because their were Latinos, blacks, whites and probably other ethnicities/nationalities who were involved in the chaos.  They are all criminals no matter what color your skin or where you were born if you were part of those who took part in those criminal acts.  And the sad thing as one post after this  will show and as I mentioned above, if I a paraplegic in a wheelchair had been attacked by this MOB and defended myself resulting in the use of deadly force to protect myself (assuming I believed my life was at stake) under California law I could be prosecuted for murder even though I was being attacked by a mob.  California and it’s LEFT WING ANTI GUN, ANTI CONSTITUTIONAL STATE CONGRESS WILL NOT  BE SATISFIED UNTIL NO ONE CAN LEGALLY OWN GUNS WHICH WON’T STOP THE CRIMINALS FROM GETTING THEM NOR ALLOW LAW ABIDING CITIZENS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES WHETHER IT BE FROM AN UNRULY MOB OF HUNDRES OF MISCREANTS OR SOMEONE ASSAULTING AND TRYING TO ROB ME OR MY FAMILY UNLESS I AM IN MY OWN HOME AND EVEN THEN AS YOU WILL SEE BY THE FOLLOWING POST THEY STILL MIGHT PROSECUTE ME.

I don’t know if this below will work, but trying to post this to these other pages.  If I did it wrong or you don’t want the post I apologize.

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