I can’t believe we are being tracked like terrorists not just by the US Government Spy Agencies, but local law enforcement agencies are using them to track people “suspected” of crimes but without a basis for suspicion that they have committed a crime therefore not having probable Cause which is a violation of 4th Amendment.

Dear JuliaCampaign for Libertyn,
As Ben Franklin stated, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Sadly, the statists in Washington, D.C. keep choosing to take away more and more of our liberties for some bureaucrat’s vision of so-called “safety.”
In today’s world, “security” really means handing over the last bits of freedom to Big Government’s prying eyes.
Not long ago, the Senate Armed Services Committee called for drones returning from Afghanistan to be used “freely and routinely” in U.S. airspace.

Government agencies are training drones by tracking civilian cars over American cities.
Law enforcement agencies are buying them up by the dozen – happy to let the spying begin.
The Congressional Research Service states domestic drones could be equipped “with facial recognition or soft biometric recognition, which can recognize and track individuals based on attributes such as height, age, gender, and skin color.”
If you and I don’t stand up to this nonsense, more than 30,000 are expected to be flying across the United States in the near future.
So please sign our Citizens Stand for Individual Liberty petition to let Congress know you oppose their theft of your rights.
This isn’t something out of George Orwell’s 1984. It’s America in 2013.
And it’s all designed so politicians can line the pockets of their crony capitalist pals – while you and I pay the price with our tax dollars and our freedom.
Julian, I’m not telling you all this to dishearten you – although I understand it may be discouraging to look the facts straight in the face.
I’m telling you this because these are the battles you and I can’t ignore if we are going to maintain our last vestiges of freedom as Americans – and regain what we’ve lost.
After all, in recent years, we’ve witnessed the passage of the so-called “Patriot” Act, which allows the government to wiretap and spy on American citizens.
We’ve seen the passage of the NDAA – allowing the government to lock up and detain American citizens indefinitely without so much as a warrant.
And we see the TSA routinely groping elderly women and children at airports.
Ten years after its creation, a congressional report was issued saying the TSA was “bloated and ineffective.”
More than 25,000 security breaches have occurred under its watch.
And just when you thought flying couldn’t possibly get worse, TSA employees are now unionized under the American Federation of Government Employees union, and affiliate of the AFL-CIO.
In other words, that creepy TSA agent that almost seemed to enjoy feeling up you and your child will now be virtually impossible to fire for inappropriate behavior.
From now on, security and passenger rights will play a secondary role to the union bosses’ demands for “screener’s rights.”
Our liberties are being stolen from us daily – and for NOTHING.
That’s why it’s important you sign our Citizens Stand for Individual Liberty petition.
So what’s next? What else will the security statists demand of us in order to finally make us “safe and secure” in their eyes?
“Black boxes” in every car?
Cameras on every street corner? In every house?
So government bureaucrats can ensure we don’t smoke the wrong thing?
To ensure our sodas aren’t too big or our cheeseburgers too greasy?
How much liberty will politicians steal before the American people wake up and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!”?
I believe you and I are at a tipping point.
More and more Americans ARE getting fed up.
And Campaign for Liberty is fighting back.
But more attacks on our Fourth Amendment rights are coming at the American people full-speed ahead.
So it’s up to you and me to turn up the pressure higher than ever before.
So please sign our Citizens Stand for Individual Liberty petition.
And after you sign, please chip in a generous contribution to help Campaign for Liberty defend the American people against government intrusion.
You and I must be prepared to take on the statists and defend our freedoms.
That’s exactly what Campaign for Liberty has been doing – and will continue to do – in the coming weeks and months.
Our goal is to reawaken men and women from coast to coast and rally them to defend liberty before it’s too late.
Because it’s not too late.
Not yet.
The free soul of America still exists.
But it’s up to you and me to create a grassroots fire that no politician in his or her right mind would dare ignore.
In Liberty,

John Tate
P.S. The Big Government statists are wasting no time further eroding our Fourth Amendment rights.
And with government ramping up its use of drones to spy on the American people on our own soil, it’s never been more important that you and I stand up for those rights.
Campaign for Liberty has been fighting this ongoing battle for years now, and we will stay on the frontlines of the fight to STOP the invasion of our privacy by an out-of-control government.
After you sign our Citizens Stand for Individual Liberty petition, please chip in a generous contribution of $25 or even just $10 to help C4L continue the fight to defend our privacy rights.

Because of Campaign For Liberty’s tax-exempt status under IRC Sec. 501(C)(4) and its state and federal legislative activities, contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions (IRC § 170) or as business deductions (IRC § 162(e)(1)).


About Julian Caine

Julian Caine Independent film producer, C.O.O. of Tritan-Northstar Entertainment. Mr. Caine is involved in securing financing and in structuring financial models for the production company's upcoming slate. Mr. Caine's background includes more than ten years in core television and movie making capacities, including roles in finance, accounting, distribution, and production at major studios such as MGM, Universal Pictures, Castle Rock and Spelling Entertainment. Mr. Caine's rich experience in the entertainment industry has endowed him with the knowledge to structure and create independent productions with exceptional creative value and profit potential. Mr. Caine produced The Eliminator, starring Michael Rooker. He served as consulting producer on Tritan-Northstar Entertainment's 2008 award winning feature film Contract Killers, starring Nick Mancuso. Contract Killers earned several film festival awards and was picked up by First Look Studios for a USA domestic release. Julian Caine and Tritan-Northstar Entertainment are currently in development and preproduction on a multi-picture slate to begin releasing next year.
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