1200-page Horror

Today the statists came back to Washington.
And at the top of their agenda is RAMMING the 1,200-page so-called “Immigration Reform” bill through the U.S. House and on to President Obama’s desk for his guaranteed signature.
During my 15-year tenure as Rep. Ron Paul’s Legislative Director, I helped him fight back against, and defeat, several efforts to create a National ID.
But Julian, I never saw a National ID scheme this bad.
The National ID database contained in this dangerous bill will allow the federal government to monitor, register, and catalogue massive amounts of information on EVERY American citizen.
And many of the same legislators who were behind past efforts to create a National ID are going to be major players in this latest attempt.
Campaign for Liberty President John Tate has laid out in detail the threat this bill poses to our liberties.
Please read his email below and sign your “No Database” Directive to your Representative IMMEDIATELY!
This battle could determine whether or not America remains free – or continues down that slippery slope toward tyranny.
I hope you’ll take action today to ensure that our nation turns back toward liberty.
In Liberty,
Norm Singleton
Vice President of Policy

Campaign for Liberty

Dear Norm,
It’s been just over a year since the U.S. Supreme Court signed off on the 2,700-page “ObamaCare” monstrosity as somehow “constitutional.”
Now, statists in BOTH parties in Congress are working hard to RAM another 1,200-page horror down our throats.
Norm, I’m not going to mince words here.
After the Senate’s passage of a massive new National ID database plan under the guise of so-called “Immigration Reform” last week, time is running out to STOP this massive federal power grab.
So I’m counting on you to sign your “NO DATABASE” Directive TODAY.
And if you possibly can, I hope you’ll also agree to forward the Directive to as many friends and family members as possible.
You see, as Congress breaks for its July 4 recess, this may be our final chance to mobilize the kind of public opposition it will take to defeat this bill.
But before I give you the link to the Directive, please let me explain why this is so important . . .
The truth is, if passed, this dangerous scheme would require a new National ID card that would:
*** Allow federal bureaucrats to include biometric identification information on the card, potentially even including fingerprints, retinal scans, or scans of veins on the back of hands, which could easily be used as a tracking device;
*** Be required for all U.S. workers regardless of place of birth, making it illegal for anyone to hold a job in the United States who doesn’t obtain the ID card;
*** Require all employers to purchase an “ID scanner” to verify the ID cards with the federal government. Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government would know – and you can bet it’s only a matter of time until “ID scans” will be required to make even routine purchases, as well.
This is exactly the type of battle that often decides whether a country remains free or continues down a slide toward tyranny.
So please, sign your “No Database” Directive to your Representative IMMEDIATELY!
No National ID
Of course, the most dangerous part of the bill is the biometric tracking technology.
Gun ownership, health records, purchasing habits, religious beliefs – virtually anything you could dream up could all be added to this massive National ID database.
And doing so wouldn’t even require a vote by Congress.
Instead, it could happen with a simple stroke of a President’s pen.
And you and I both know this power WILL be abused.
To say nothing of the massive scandal exposing the NSA’s spying on American citizens, you and I have seen this President’s administration use wiretaps to even go after reporters who dare criticize him.
We’ve seen the IRS harass and intimidate Tea Party and pro-liberty groups.
Norm, once “well-meaning” government bureaucrats know exactly how we live, it won’t be long until they ramp up their efforts to run our lives through more laws, regulations, taxes, and other restraints.
In fact, it will only be a matter of time until they spend their workdays making sure you and I don’t go anywhere, read anything, eat anything, or drink anything they think we “shouldn’t be allowed to.”
Sadly, BOTH parties are complicit.
Even those loudly shouting down the Senate version of the “Immigration Reform” bill are now crafting their own piecemeal “reforms” – and virtually all are including this monstrous database of American citizens.
The only way to DEFEAT a new National ID proposal is to contact Americans from coast-to-coast and explain EXACTLY what’s at stake.
They’re not getting the real story from the mainstream media. And they’re surely not going to get it from the Washington establishment, either.
With your help, C4L can send powerful emails and run Facebook and Internet banner ads to alert liberty-loving Americans to the National ID scheme included in the new “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill.
But with the House battle looming, I’m afraid that simply won’t be enough.
If C4L has the support to pull out all the stops, there’s an additional twelve million folks we can reach through targeted direct mail and phone programs.
And finally, if we can raise the resources, C4L would also like to run hard-hitting newspaper, radio, and TV ads explaining exactly what the statists are up to.
Of course, such a massive grassroots mobilization program isn’t cheap – but it’s the only way to stop this dangerous National ID scheme from becoming the law of the land.
So please, sign your “No Database” Directive to your Representative IMMEDIATELY!
No National
Your signed Directive makes it clear Congress should not only reject the Senate-passed monstrosity, but any other legislation containing a National ID database plan.
And because this fight is so critical, I’m counting on you to make a generous contribution of $30, $20, or at least $10 IMMEDIATELY to help Campaign for Liberty DEFEAT the statists’ National ID scheme.
Just like we saw in the Senate, I’m afraid you and I will see a strong “bipartisan” gang develop in the House, poised to RAM this bill – or even some worse compromise – through.
That’s why, in addition to your signed “No Database” Directive, I hope you’ll dig deep and make the most generous contribution you can afford.
Norm, we don’t have much time.
You and I must make our voices heard right away.
So please agree to your most generous contribution of $30, $20, or at least $10 TODAY!
In Liberty,

John Tate
P.S. After Senate passage last week, statists in BOTH parties in Congress are working hard to RAM another 1,200-page horror down our throats.
Buried deep within the so-called “Immigration Reform” bill is a massive National ID database statists will use to monitor, register, and catalogue massive amounts of information on EVERY American citizen.
That’s why it’s critical you sign your “NO DATABASE” Directive TODAY and agree to your most generous contribution of $30, $20, or at least $10 IMMEDIATELY!
And I hope you’ll also agree to forward the Directive to as many of your friends and family members as possible.
No National

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