Not only will this tax cost EVERY American more money on EVERY internet purchase, but inside the bill it give the UNITED NATIONS TRACKING AND CENSORING WHAT YOU SAY!  AGAIN Obama is willing to allow an ineffectual body like the UN to restrict our 1ST Amendment Free Speech, but allow them to start taking a portion of these new UNITED STATES TAXPAYER’S TAXES AND USE THEM FOR THE UN!   RIDICULOUS.  Obama is out of control.  Please read this letter to understand the  full impact of this NATIONAL SALES TAX.

Campaign for Liberty

The only thing politicians love more than spending your money is taking more of it.
Earlier this week, tax-and-spend Senators in BOTH parties RAMMED through a new taxing scheme that’s been years in the works – the National Internet Tax Mandate.
Should it pass the House, every man, woman, and child in the country will feel the pinch as Congress takes a MASSIVE bite out of American prosperity.
Campaign for Liberty President John Tate explains below why the National Internet Tax Mandate scheme is so dangerous. Please read his email and take action IMMEDIATELY.
In Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul

Campaign for Liberty

President Obama, Harry Reid, and big spending, high-tax statists in BOTH parties just RAMMED the National Internet Tax Mandate through the Senate.
And unless you act today, it could be gaveled through the House and on Barack Obama’s desk in a matter of days.
So it’s absolutely critical you sign the petition I’ve made up for you DEMANDING Judicial Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor KILL the National Internet Tax Mandate in the House.
I’ll give you the link shortly, but first let me explain exactly why this is so important…
Currently, because of the Founders’ vision for our country, states are “laboratories” – free to set their own tax policies.
High tax, big spending, highly regulatory state governments send businesses and citizens alike fleeing across state lines in search of more liberty.
But under the National Internet Tax Mandate scheme, the statists are setting the stage to bring it all to a crashing halt.
NO Internet Tax Mandate
Under the new National Internet Tax Mandate:
*** All Americans would see their taxes go up, as big-spending governors of BOTH parties work with the federal government’s IRS goons to implement a state sales tax on ALL goods purchased online.
Big-spending governors are running their states into bankruptcy, and – instead of reducing spending – they want the IRS to force YOU to bail them out with new Internet taxes!
*** Tax collectors in one state would now be free to pursue retailers across state lines.
For example, if a customer in New York makes a purchase from an online retailer in Texas, that retailer MUST collect New York’s exorbitant sales taxes and send it to New York’s tax collection agencies;
*** New and higher taxes would CRUSH economic growth and set the stage for massive new regulations that threaten the very existence of the Internet.
Make no mistake.
This is all bad enough on its face.
But it’s hardly the end of it.
You and I both know, under the guise of “national security,” establishment bureaucrats are already feverishly looking for new ways to trace, track, and register all Americans’ online activity.
What you read. What you buy. What videos you watch. What you write about THEM.
Now the one-world socialists at the United Nations want in on the action, as well.
NO Internet Tax Mandate
Just a few months ago, the U.N. drafted a new “Telecommunications Treaty” to impose restrictive regulations, global CENSORSHIP, and a massive new tax on all Internet operations.
If ratified by the United States Senate, the United Nations’ “Telecommunications Treaty” – designed to take effect in 2015 – could give control of the Internet to U.N. bureaucrats.
Ultimately, the U.N. hopes to use this scheme to take a tax bite out of the TRILLIONS of dollars exchanging hands via Internet commerce – money that will make the U.N. a true world government.
And this National Internet Tax Mandate is playing right into their hands.
That’s why it’s so critical you sign your No National Internet Tax Petition and make your most generous contribution of $100, $50, or $35 to C4L IMMEDIATELY.
Even if you can only chip in $20 or $10, it will make a tremendous difference.
Just like the Wall Street bailouts and the recent “deal” over tax hikes, this new National Internet Tax Mandate is “bipartisan” to its core.
And the statists in BOTH parties are determined to RAM this scheme into law quickly before you and I have a chance to react.
Governors from all over the country who literally CANNOT wait to be FORCED to raise taxes are busy bending the ears of Congress.
NO Internet Tax Mandate
And with big spenders in BOTH parties lining up in support of this radical scheme, I’m afraid this legislation could fly through the House unless you act today.
Will you stand by while the big taxers impose yet another tax on hardworking Americans?
Do you simply shrug your shoulders at the thought of United Nations global socialists shutting down the free flow of information worldwide?
Or will you help me FIGHT BACK?
Please take a moment to sign your petition DEMANDING Bob Goodlatte, Eric Cantor, and John Boehner kill the National Internet Sales Tax IMMEDIATELY.
And if you can, please make your most generous contribution to C4L TODAY.
Your generosity will help me alert hundreds of thousands of Americans to this critical fight and stop the National Internet Tax Mandate.
C4L will use mail, email, and hard-hitting Internet ads – and even newspaper, radio, and TV ads, if necessary.
And with the fight going on right now, this won’t be cheap.
But it will be what it takes to win.
During the Senate fight over the National Internet Tax Mandate, Campaign for Liberty generated hundreds of thousands of petitions and thousands of phone calls in opposition to taxing the Internet.
When the fight began, the statists thought they could ram their bill through the Senate with as many as 90 votes.
Many Capitol Hill insiders have told me and my staff that the efforts of Campaign for Liberty were the key to changing the minds of many senators and stopping Harry Reid from passing the bill in April.
If you and I can generate this type of massive pressure on the U.S. House, I’m confident we can DEFEAT the statists’ attempt to tax the Internet.
So in addition to signing your petition, won’t you please agree to your most generous contribution of $100, $50, or $35 IMMEDIATELY?
Even if all you can do is chip in $10 or $20 to this fight, please do so right away.
There’s literally no time to waste.
In Liberty,

John Tate
P.S. Members of BOTH parties in Congress are working feverishly to unleash a new National Internet Tax Mandate.
If passed, the new National Internet Tax Mandate would hand the federal government massive new controls over state tax policies, setting the stage for government at all levels to take another helping of your money via the Internet.
That’s why it’s critical you sign the petition DEMANDING Judicial Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor kill the National Internet Tax Mandate – and then make your most generous contribution of $100, $50, or $35 to C4L IMMEDIATELY.
Even if all you can do is chip in $10 or $20 to this fight, please do so right away.
NO Internet Tax Mandate

Because of Campaign For Liberty’s tax-exempt status under IRC Sec. 501(C)(4) and its state and federal legislative activities, contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions (IRC § 170) or as business deductions (IRC § 162(e)(1)).


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