I am a T-1 Paraplegic due to an accidental gun shot in 2000.  I have been in the entertainment industry since coming to CA in 1990.   I have been a Republican all my life.  I would like to get active in the community to help promote our ideals and get rid of the over regulation, over taxation, stop handouts to criminals who are here illegally and stop the country and this state from the downward spiral that Ayn Rand predicted many years ago.  We are being destroyed from within as she predicted.

I am sick of the left trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.  I am sick of the budget/deficit crisis.  I want to stop allowing CRIMINALS who are here illegally to attend our schools.  Criminals shouldn’t be allowed to compete and take away scholarships and grants from CITIZENS and people who are here legally.  If we kicked the kids out of our schools who are here illegally, we wouldn’t have the overcrowding and underfunding the left complains about and wants to raise taxes to pay for.  I want to stop allowing these criminals to obtain benefits like food stamps, Medicare/Medicaid and free hospital care.  All of which are driving factors of the deficit.  If they weren’t allowed in our schools, weren’t getting government benefits and we actually DEPORTED EVERYONE who commits ANY crime misdemeanor or felony AFTER making them serve the time, they wouldn’t keep coming here.  But the more we reward them the more incentive for them to come. 

And in what other country in the world would criminals who have broken the laws to get into the country rewarded with not just all of these benefits, but now CA WANTS TO GIVE THEM DRIVER’S LICENSES!!!!!!!!  I thought driving was a PRIVILIGE.  Since when do we give CRIMINALS PRIVILIGES?   UNBELIEVABLE.

And if the Left has their way and gives amnesty to the 12+ million CRIMINALS who are here they will take what is a 51/49 relatively even country and immediately give Democrats 12 million new voters and we will NEVER be able to recover.  They will then bring their families here and we’ll have more budget problems.  And an argument can be made that we already are giving them defacto amnesty by giving them the above benefits and not deporting them when we catch them.  The country will become the Socialist welfare state that Obama and his cronies want.  These people will continue to take from the PRODUCERS of the economy and give to the NON-PRODUCERS.  They will continue to vote themselves more benefits. 

And having degrees in Economics and Business Management, I am dumbfounded by the idiots in Sacramento who think raising taxes on companies who are already leaving the state to go to places with lower taxes or rebate structures will somehow make them stay here.  It doesn’t make any sense.  You can’t force a business to stay here.  They can shut down and open up in another state or overseas and make more money for the stakeholders.  That is the “business” of business – to make money.  So they should, have been and will continue to find places that value the businesses and make an atmosphere that is PRO business with less regulation and lower taxes.  We have seen it year after year in the entertainment industry.  We have RUNAWAY PRODUCTION because it is just too expensive to make movies in California.  States like New Mexico, Louisiana, and other countries (Canada etc.;) give up to 30% rebates on funds spent in those states on production.  Why would I make movies here?  It is the only example that is needed to illustrate why business leaves the state and why the current environment and proposed legislation will just drive more business out of state, lowering tax revenues and increasing budget and deficit problems.


About Julian Caine

Julian Caine Independent film producer, C.O.O. of Tritan-Northstar Entertainment. Mr. Caine is involved in securing financing and in structuring financial models for the production company's upcoming slate. Mr. Caine's background includes more than ten years in core television and movie making capacities, including roles in finance, accounting, distribution, and production at major studios such as MGM, Universal Pictures, Castle Rock and Spelling Entertainment. Mr. Caine's rich experience in the entertainment industry has endowed him with the knowledge to structure and create independent productions with exceptional creative value and profit potential. Mr. Caine produced The Eliminator, starring Michael Rooker. He served as consulting producer on Tritan-Northstar Entertainment's 2008 award winning feature film Contract Killers, starring Nick Mancuso. Contract Killers earned several film festival awards and was picked up by First Look Studios for a USA domestic release. Julian Caine and Tritan-Northstar Entertainment are currently in development and preproduction on a multi-picture slate to begin releasing next year.
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