When people come here and don’t learn the language, they cant assimilate and get any meaningful employment and will always be the ones with low paying jobs looking to the government to supplement them with health care, food stamps etc. But if they learned the language they’d stand a better chance to get a good education and they might -BE ABLE TO AFFORD THOSE THINGS FOR THEMSELVES and not sucking off my tax dollars. I know that is an unreasonable idea considering the people who don’t bother to learn the language are not worthy of higher paying jobs because they are too lazy to do the work to educate themselves. And that is proven by the fact they are too lazy to learn English.

Any other country won’t bend over backwards to make foreign languages so easily used in their countries.

ON A FINAL NOTE – MY BIGGEST PROBLEM – Why are we spending tens of millions of dollars printing driver’s manuals in 30 languages and the worst – OUR ELECTORAL BALLOTS? For Christ’s sake if they

cant read English to pass the test to drive how can they read the street signs or understand emergency personnel? And if they dont know English then they can’t understand what the politicians are saying and what the laws they vote on really mean. I think they shouldn’t be able to vote if they can’t read English. Hell I thought it was part of the test to become a citizen to prove you had a basic English skills. Stop wasting millions on people who dont care enough to learn our language.


About Julian Caine

Julian Caine Independent film producer, C.O.O. of Tritan-Northstar Entertainment. Mr. Caine is involved in securing financing and in structuring financial models for the production company's upcoming slate. Mr. Caine's background includes more than ten years in core television and movie making capacities, including roles in finance, accounting, distribution, and production at major studios such as MGM, Universal Pictures, Castle Rock and Spelling Entertainment. Mr. Caine's rich experience in the entertainment industry has endowed him with the knowledge to structure and create independent productions with exceptional creative value and profit potential. Mr. Caine produced The Eliminator, starring Michael Rooker. He served as consulting producer on Tritan-Northstar Entertainment's 2008 award winning feature film Contract Killers, starring Nick Mancuso. Contract Killers earned several film festival awards and was picked up by First Look Studios for a USA domestic release. Julian Caine and Tritan-Northstar Entertainment are currently in development and preproduction on a multi-picture slate to begin releasing next year.
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