10 Reasons Why Obama Is Bad For Our Country – Second Amendment

10 Reasons Why Obama Is Bad For Our Country – Second Amendment

Originally Posted by Travis September 10, 2012
<JULIAN CAINE> My additional thoughts below

1. Obama supported a shutdown of all gun store within five miles of a school or park – a move that would have closed 99% of gun stores nationwide.
2. Obama supported Ted Kennedy’s ammo ban to outlaw all deer-hunting ammunition.
3. Obama green-lighted discussions that would lead to a U.N. gun ban treaty., signaling the U.N. that America would support steps toward global civilian disarmament.
4. Obama is one vote away from a Supreme Court gun-ban majority to rubber stamp gun control laws and overturn the Second Amendment.
5. Obama’s regulatory “czar,” Cass Sunstein, wants to ban hunting and says animals should be represented in court.
6. Obama is trying to slash funding for the Armed Pilots Program designed to prevent terror attacks on airplanes.
7. Obama voted to allow reckless lawsuits designed to bankrupt American gun makers.
8. Obama’s administration illegally smuggled guns to Mexican drug lords, then imposed illegal gun registration in four states, blaming gun owners for his administration’s insane policy.
9. Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder said we need to “really bainwash people” against guns.
10. Obama admits he’s coming for our guns, telling Satah Brady, “We are working on [gun control], but under the radar.”


Pasted from <http://usagunblog.com/?p=1124>
This is ten reasons why Obama needs to be beaten!
<JULIAN CAINE> This is just on “gun” issues. But I could do lists why he needs to be beaten on 10 microeconomic issues, 10 macroeconomic issues, 10 National Security Issues, 10 s0cial issues, immigration policy, the deficit, national debt, and general Socialist ideals.   Unfortunately I don’t have the time, temperament or ability to do it now.  But when I come across things, I’ll continue to post.  Agree or disagree, but educate yourself before making a decision.  Now all you who are PRIVILEGED to be UNITED STATES CITIZENS – DO YOUR PATRIOTIC DUTY AND VOTE.


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